Cultural Connections



SWCC has always been committed to working with Aboriginal people in the South West [the Nyungar people] for NRM and community capacity building outcomes.

The Cultural Connections project is building on this, to ensure that Nyungar people are not only consulted, but that they have a key role in driving strategic planning and delivery.

The project was designed to build Aboriginal enterprise and employment capacity in NRM in order to support the Nyungar community to manage lands under their tenure into the future.

One of the main aims of this project is for the NRM and broader community to work more strategically with Aboriginal people to undertake NRM and community engagement activities. This involves SWCC providing advice, support and assistance to encourage NRM groups and Nyungar people to work together right from the planning phase, through to implementation and celebration of achievements.

The other major goal is to increase Aboriginal people’s capacity in NRM, engage Aboriginal people in NRM planning and strategy development, and to provide enterprise opportunities for Aboriginal people in NRM. This is centred largely on providing training to Aboriginal people to upskill, and supporting Aboriginal corporations to get involved in NRM service delivery.

TAFE training is currently being provided to 17 Nyungar participants in NRM related courses. Once the training is complete in 2014-15, we will be exploring a range of employment opportunities for them in collaboration with our project partners.

Work will continue to develop opportunities for paid contract work for Aboriginal groups and individuals interested in working in the NRM space.

Finally, we will continue to provide support and advice to NRM groups and Aboriginal people to work together, for improved environmental management outcomes.

After all, Nyungar people are the South West’s first environmental managers, so who better to ensure that Country is protected into the future?

Funding recipients:

  • South West Institute of Technology (SWIT)
  • C.Y. O’Connor Institute

3 Aboriginal people engaged in NRM in the South West Region

34 Aboriginal people engaged in NRM in the South West Region

Key Partners

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