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The South West Feral Pig Control project is a collaborative project aimed at reducing the environmental and agricultural impacts of feral pigs in the South West region.

Feral pigs harm the environment by destroying native vegetation, spreading dieback and polluting water sources. They also harm agricultural lands by digging up soils, predating on lambs and spreading disease. This project includes activities such as on-ground control of feral pigs, the creation of new community feral pig control groups and the development of a strategy for the future management of feral pigs in the south west as well as a thermal imagery trial.

The development of a strategy for the south west region will assist with future management of feral pigs and will be available to all interested stakeholders.

The main goal of the project is to establish a coordinated management program for the control of feral pigs in the south west region. As such, four new community groups (Preston, Lower Blackwood, Middle Blackwood and Donnelly Community Vertebrate Pest Management Groups) have been established in order to ensure that we have a community approach to control of these pest animals.

In spring 2013 and autumn 2014 trapping seasons were undertaken by various feral pig control groups in the south west and 12 trappers received accreditation in the Certificate III of Vertebrate Pest Management as well as completing Department of Parks and Wildlife firearms training.

As part of the project, two community workshops aimed at raising awareness on the management of feral pigs were also held, which included trap building demonstrations. Inter-agency roadblocks have been also been held to raise awareness in the general community of the illegal release of pigs in the south west region.

Thermal imagery trials are planned for late 2014 and early 2015 to determine if thermal imagery is an appropriate method for estimating population abundance and density of feral pigs in the landscape

Funding recipients:

  • Department of Agriculture and Food WA
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Warren Catchments Council (on behalf of Northcliffe Declared Species Group)
  • Shire of Plantagenet (on behalf of Lake Muir-Denbarker Community Feral Pig Eradication Group)

12 participants at training events

83 participants at training events

Key Partners

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