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Home River Ocean was developed by the South West Catchments Council (SWCC), with the assistance of a Technical Advisory Group and Project Partners, in an effort to reduce nutrient export from urban areas.

The Home River Ocean brand has been developed to encompass a series of behaviour change campaigns and to link practices in the home and garden to impacts on the South West lifestyle.

The Home River Ocean program aims to reduce nutrient runoff from urban areas entering waterways in the South West of Western Australia. The first campaign, Save the Crabs, Then eat Them, used social marketing techniques to encourage residents to hold off on the fertiliser till spring.

The campaign targeted males aged 35 – 60 years old and addressed winter fertilising. It included a number of mass media and local community-driven initiatives using humour consistently across all marketing channels to increase campaign recognition and provoke interest in the community. The campaign makes the link between how urban residents’ fertiliser use can impact on water quality and the habitat of the Blue Swimmer Crab, and in turn affect their enjoyment of the recreational activity of crabbing.

The project developed its own urban nutrient behaviour change website and initiated an advertising campaign in the 2013-14 Autumn/Winter.

Over 240,000 South West residents were reached through various marketing approaches, including mass media, local cafes, pubs, hardware stores and sporting clubs.

The mass media campaign consisted of over 3300 TV spots, 400 radio spots and 30 newspaper advertisements over winter 2013 and 2014. This was supported at the grass roots level through local, targeted initiatives, including mail outs of campaign material to targeted suburbs. Residents also had the opportunity to display signage at their homes to demonstrate their public commitment to the target behaviour. Campaign staff also visited hardware stores to engage with customers at the point of purchase. Marketing approaches were developed for each stage of the behaviour change process, from awareness to adoption.

A full evaluation of the campaign is currently underway to determine if the campaign was successful in raising awareness of urban impacts to local waterways and changing fertiliser use behaviours.

Home River Ocean adopts a partnership approach and is delivered in conjunction with a number of project partners who actively support the campaign. This approach and has also successfully leveraged support from corporate sponsors.

The next campaign, which will target a new behaviour, is currently being development and will be launched in autumn 2015.


1000 individuals reached by campaign

152000 individuals reached by campaign

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