Improving Nutrient Management



Through the Whole Farm Nutrient Mapping project, SWCC will engage and recruit 26 farmers/landholders per annum over a 2 year period, with the additional intent of developing or facilitating existing farmers groups.

From each farming enterprise, 30 soil samples per paddock will be collected along with a GPS recorded transect. The soil is shipped to an accredited laboratory for soil analysis and the results provided to the landholder.

Through the project, landholders will also be engaged in a series of extension activities such as one to one consultation with the agronomist, soil acidity / liming workshops and Accuspread workshops, to ensure correct calibration of fertilizer spreader. The project also aims to monitor measure and report on behavioural change using recognised methodologies.

The project aims to encourage farming enterprises to adopt sustainable management practices through whole farm soil and nutrient mapping and management. This will be achieved through providing assistance through agronomy and other technical advice to landholders in regards to improved soil nutrient management, soil acidity and liming and best practice in fertilizer calibration.

The project also aims to provide landholders with improved skills and knowledge through extension activities including workshops, field days and consultations.

In the last year, 26 farming enterprises have adopted sustainable practices with potentially 8000ha of land over which improved nutrient management practices have been adopted. The project held five Accuspread workshops and three soil acidity workshops and 26 farmers received a two hour consultation with an agronomist.

In 2015, it is envisaged that a further 26 farming enterprises move to adopt sustainable management practices resulting in more land with improved nutrient management practices. Extension activities will continue providing more landholders, farmers and individuals with increased skills and knowledge.

1040 ha of land with improved nutrient management practice adopted

8000 ha of land with improved nutrient management practice adopted

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