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The south west of Western Australia is a wonderful region with lots of unique animals. However, these unique animals are declining in number and range due to threats such as feral animals, land clearing and a changing climate.

The Inland Linkages project was initiated by SWCC to work with stakeholders and landholders to identify high value natural areas within the South West region, and undertake on-ground work such as fencing, revegetation and pest animal control, to increase and protect these natural areas. Particular emphasis has been on protecting federally listed native fauna species, such as the red-tailed phascogale, chuditch, numbat and black cockatoos.

The desired outcome for this project is to have a healthier and more diverse landscape in the south west region which may be able to better adapt to the changing climate that we are experiencing in the south west. As the species we have been working towards protecting are threatened nationally, and hence very reduced in population size, it is vital that we protect their remaining habitat in order to ensure their continued survival into the future. If we can remove one of the threatened species from the threatened species list due to work we have undertaken to protect the species, this would be an excellent outcome!

Work was undertaken across 13 properties within the South West region in the last financial year which included 32km of fencing to protect remnant vegetation and/or riparian areas, 36 ha of land revegetated with native seedlings, 29 nest boxes installed for the red-tailed phascogale and 388 ha of pest animal control undertaken (rabbits, foxes and cats)

New contracts are currently being negotiated for the next financial year with stakeholders in the south west, and it is hoped that on-ground works will continue to protect the red-tailed phascogale, numbat, quokka and the Baudin and Carnaby’s black cockatoos.

Funding recipients:

  • Shire of West Arthur
  • Blackwood Basin Group
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • Katanning LCDC
  • Dumbleyung LCDC

5 land managers, farmers, individuals with improved skills and knowledge

56 land managers, farmers, individuals with improved skills and knowledge

Key Partners

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