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The Preston River to Ocean (proposed) Regional Park project is a four year partnership project between SWCC, City of Bunbury and Department of Parks and Wildlife funded by the City of Bunbury and the Australian Government.

The park has been proposed to protect its unique biological, physical, social and cultural values from a range of impacts associated with close proximity to a growing urban population.

Within the proposed park boundaries there are several Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC’s), Declared Rare Flora (DRF) and the habitat of a range of native fauna species including several listed nationally as Threatened.

The project has been in the pipeline for many years thanks to the community recognising the area’s value. A joint application to Australian Government Targeted Area Grants funding program by SWCC and the City of Bunbury, has seen the project progress.

The project aims to increase the awareness across the community of the values of the park and increase the participation of the community in reducing the threats facing the area. It also aims ensure that the Aboriginal ecological knowledge that has been identified is recorded.

School and community groups have already planted 9500 seedlings across the proposed park area and there has been pest animal monitoring and control across 915 ha. Rubbish removal and actions to reduced inappropriate public access, dune rehabilitation and fire hazard reduction have also commenced.

Dieback works across the park commenced with the installation of signage and Phytofigher boot clean stations. Two workshops to raise awareness about Dieback attracted 39 participants who learnt about stem injection techniques and received Green Card training.

Further on-ground works, some involving school, community and Aboriginal groups, will continue into 2015. Further community events and opportunities for involvement are planned to continue raising the awareness of the proposed park’s value to the community.

9500 seedlings planted

9500 seedlings planted

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