Regional Community Engagement



The Regional Community Engagement project aims to increase community awareness and understanding of South West natural resources and sustainable agriculture.

The project supports the many Landcare/NRM officers and volunteers in the South West, our Regional Partners, by investing in capacity building and skills development in environmental management and sustainable agriculture.

Engagement with a broad cross-section of stakeholders, including private industry, business, government agencies, local government, research institutions, Aboriginal groups and the community, is undertaken to build partnerships and facilitate information sharing and collaboration across the South West.

This broad cross-section of the community is engaged through formal, strategic engagement approaches as part of SWCC’s governance framework, as well as through capacity building events, training and ongoing two way communication.

Through the RCE project 147 members of the broader community, 16 community groups and 52 volunteers were provided with support to improve their capacity, knowledge and skills in NRM.A total of 735 community members were engaged through SWCC events and communication channels, such as the South West LINK and SWCC e-newsletter.

Eleven strategic engagement events were held to increase community awareness and understanding of South West natural resources, including two In Safe Hands workshops, Lotterywest Grants workshop, Community Engagement Training, Black Cockatoo Friday, and Regional Coordination Team and Association meetings with Regional Partners.

The annual South West Celebration, held in Busselton in 2013, is the premier NRM event in the South West Region, bringing together the NRM community to network, share ideas, increase knowledge, plan for the future and celebrate achievements.

The current program of training and events will be reviewed, in consultation with the community, to ensure that any events plan meet an identified skills or knowledge gap. An online private social network or Landcare ‘hub’ will be developed to facilitate improved communication and information sharing among the NRM community.

Funding recipients:

  • Blackwood Basin Group
  • Bridgetown Landcare (Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes)
  • Cape to Cape Catchments Group
  • Crossing the Boundaries Landcare
  • Dumbleyung Landcare Zone
  • GeoCatch
  • Leschenault Catchment Council
  • Lower Blackwood Catchment
  • Facey Group
  • Harvey River Restoration Taskforce
  • Katanning Landcare
  • Peel-Harvey Catchment Council
  • Landcare Serpentine-Jarrahdale
  • Wagin-Woodanilling Landcare Zone
  • Warren Catchments Council
  • West Arthur Landcare (Shire of West Arthur)
  • Australian Forest Growers
  • Brunswick River Restoration Action Taskforce
  • Tangaroa Blue Foundation
  • Community members

2 workshops and events to increase community awareness

5 workshops and events to increase community awareness

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