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The Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) Program is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

Around Australia Regional Landcare Facilitators are based within a range of host organisations. These are largely within the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regional Groups such as the South West Catchments Council. These host organisations, provide administrative support and a location from which the RLF can operate from. The host regional group also ensure that the RLF is working with production, NRM and Landcare groups with the Regional strategy in mind.

In the South West, where the RLF is hosted by SWCC, this symbiotic relationship works particularly well. The RLF works alongside project staff where the project compliments the aims of the RLF initiative.

The aim of the RLF initiative is to support a skilled and capable Landcare community the South West NRM Region. This is done through increasing the skills confidence and knowledge of land managers, groups and community members and raising their awareness and participation. The RLF assists land managers, groups and community members improve sustainable agriculture and NRM practices by providing support through funding, events and training opportunities.

The RLF also works with community members, community groups and other regional partners to increase their capacity and uptake of sustainable agriculture and fishing.

From March to June 2014, the South West RLF program supported10 individuals to attend 6 training events. The program also supported another six events, run by 5 groups in the South West which were attended by 181 people. They sponsored display space for regional partner groups at two major regional field days and held a very successful Landcare and NRM Officer Muster in Bridgetown.

The RLF program provides funding to Landcare and community groups as well as individuals to attend events or training and to run their own event. This year’s funding recipients were Katanning LCDC, Warren Catchments Council, Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone, Blackwood Valley Small Landholders, Cape to Cape Catchments Group and ten community members.

In 2015, the RLF program will continue to provide support to Landcare and community groups and individuals through funding and training opportunities which will increase their knowledge and understanding of sustainable agriculture and improved NRM practices. The South West RLF will continue to work alongside the project staff at SWCC, assisting to build the capacity for a sustainable environment in the South West region.


5 individuals supported


10 individuals supported

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