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SWCC has invested in on-farm trials and demonstrations with particular attention to soil constraints on productivity under the Soil Health on Focus Farms Initiative.

The scientific standard required for these projects is high, with the focus on targeted soil chemical, biological and/or physical analysis. This is coupled with other diagnostic tools where major soil health issues have been identified to derive base-line data and understand the implications for production.

The trials will be promoted by industry, with a series of farm-based training and extension activities run to increase awareness of soil health issues in the agricultural community and to showcase the activities and outcomes of the Focus Farms.

The 3 successful applicants are trialling the impacts of pasture in crop rotations, alternative fertilizer treatments on both pasture and cereal crops and the effects of Lebeckia, a perennial legume to improve soil health on non-wetting sandy soils.

The project aims to improve the skills and knowledge of farmers across a range of agricultural industries in managing and improving soil health issues common to their industry on their properties.

Landowners and the wider farming community will be upskilled through training events and be better able to utilize and monitor soil data, and to incorporate management strategies to target soil health issues and integrate more sustainable agricultural practices on their farms.

The three trials are well underway with all site preparations and initial monitoring and ground works completed. An excellent season and generous rainfall has seen exceptional germination across all trial sites. In the next 12 months four extension activities aimed at promoting the soil management practices being trialled and to spread awareness to tother landholders will be held. The 2015 growing season will see another year’s monitoring and trialling of practices on all of the trial sites, to further build on the data located this year.

Funding recipients:

  • Global Pastures
  • RN &CJ Hobley
  • Nisaja Nominees

80 ha land managed through improvements

90 ha land managed through improvements

Key Partners

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