Waterways and Wetland Linkages



The Waterway and Wetland Linkages project is split into two major sub-projects; the Urban Waterways Project and the Balston’s Pygmy Perch project.

The Urban Waterways Project aims to enhance and protect urban waterways in coastal environments by undertaking activities which reduce the impacts of nutrient run-off in waterways and wetlands, restore riparian vegetation and restabilise river banks.

The Balston’s Pygmy Perch project aims to improve conservation of the vulnerable freshwater fish species, Balston’s Pigmy Perch (Nannatherina balstoni) by partnering with Murdoch University to survey three strategic waterways for barriers to fish migration and spawning, undertake feral fish control and update the species distribution.

The project aims to increase biodiversity values and bank stabilisation and decrease the negative impacts of nutrient and sedimentation run-off along a number of waterways where Balston’s Pygmy Perch has been known to historically occur. The project also aims to increase the knowledge of the local community about the importance of conserving aquatic ecosystems and associated aquatic species and increase the skills to do so.

Already, 6.5 ha have been revegetated and weed control across 21.4 ha in the urban waterways project. As part of the protection of the Balton’s Pygmy Perch, 21.5 ha have been revegetated as well as 6.8 ha of feral fish control.

In the coming the year the Murdoch Freshwater Fish group will complete on ground survey work of Balston’s Pygmy Perch and release reports on the species’ current population and range decline; as well as recommendations on location of fish migration and spawning barriers, potential barrier bypass or barrier removal across three strategic river catchments.

The Urban Waterway project will continue works in the Leschenault Catchment partnering with Leschenault Catchment Council. SWCC has also partnered with the Shire of Dardanup to undertake bank stabilisation along the southern shoreline of the Collie River mouth and install Aboriginal Interpretation Signage.

1 ha of habitat restored with new plantings

21.5 ha of habitat restored with new plantings

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